Referral Commission

“Accessories – Electronics, PC, Mobile Phones, Tablets<>8″,
“Apparel Accessories, Innerwear and Sleepwear<>13″,
“Apparel – Shirts, T-shirts, Jeans, Paint, Skirts, Kurta-Kurtis, Salwar Suits, Dupattas<>17″,
“Apparel – Leggings, Palazzos, Sweaters, Shrugs & Jacket<>17″,
“Automotive – Accessories<>15″,
“Automotive – Automobile<>2″,
“Automotive – Other subcategories<>15″,
“Automotive – Helmets, Lubricants, Parts, Vehicle Care<>8″,
“Automotive – Tyres<>3″,
“Air Conditioners<>5″,
“Baby Products<>5″,
“Bags and Sleeves – Electronics, PC, Wireless<>13″,
“Bed and Bath Linen<>10″,
“Beauty – Fragrance<>12″,
“Bra & Panties<>13″,
“Business Industrial &Scientific Supplies<>8″,
“Camera Lenses<>4″,
“Camera and Camcorder<>4″,
“Cases/Cover/Skin/Screen Guard – Electronics, PC, Wireless<>22″,
“Cables- Electronics, PC, Wireless<>17″,
“Craft Materials<>9″,
“Consumable Physical Gift Card<>5″,
“Educational Software<>10″,
“Electronic Devices(except TV, Camera &Camcorder,Camera Lenses, GPS Devices, Speakers, Mobile Phones and Tablets)<>7″,
“Electronics – Kindle Accessories<>25″,
“Eye wear<>17″,
“Electrical (Except Iron, Fan)<>10″,
“Fashion Jewellery<>18″,
“Fine Jewellery(studded)<>7″,
“Fine Jewellery(unstudded)<>4″,
“GPS Devices<>4″,
“Grocery and Gourmet<>5″,
“Health and Personal Care<>5″,
“Home – Cushions and Covers<>10″,
“Home improvement<>8″,
“Home – Small appliances<>5″,
“Home – others(excluding small appliances and Home improvement)<>15″,
“HPC – Body Support<>10″,
“Indoor Lighting(except LED bulbs)<>10″,
“Kids Clothings<>17″,
“Kitchen – Appliance<>5″,
“Kitchen – Non Appliances<>12″,
“Laptop Battery<>12″,
“Large appliances<>5″,
“Lawn and Garden<>10″,
“LED Bulbs<>8″,
“Luxury Beauty<>12″,
“Medical Equipment<>8″,
“Memory cards<>10″,
“Mobile Phones and Tablets<>3.5″,
“Modems and networking devices<>6″,
“Musical Instruments<>6″,
“Night Suits & Night Dress<>17″,
“Non Educational Software<>10″,
“Nursing and Feeding<>6″,
“Office Products<>7″,
“PC components(RAM, Motherboards)<>5″,
“PC-Devices(Printer and Scanner)<>4″,
“Personal Care Appliances<>7″,
“Pet Accessories<>10″,
“Pet Food(Dog Food)<>7″,
“Pet Food(except Dog Food)<>5″,
“Puja Items<>7″,
“Sarees & Lehenga<>17″,
“Selfie Sticks<>13″,
“Sporting Goods<>10″,
“Storage Devices(Except Memory Cards and Pen Drives)- Electronics, PC, Wireless<>5″,
“USB flash devices(Pen Drives)<>8″,
“Video Games<>5″,
“Video Games-Accessories<>7″,
“Video Games Console<>4″,
“Wallets and Backpacks<>15″,
“Warranty Services<>37″,
“Washing Machine<>5″,